Mayonnaise-Based Salads

A small half-cup portion of typical potato salad has 180 calories and 12 grams of fat; the same amount of coleslaw has about 150 calories and 8 grams of fat. To cut calories, try making your salads with light mayonnaise; or mix mayo with low-fat yogurt, light sour cream, or chicken stock. Or why not try a German-style potato salad, using more vinegar than oil? Then toss lots of veggies into any salad to increase the fiber and nutrients.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Hot dogs and sausages are summer treats for many of us, but you might save them for baseball games. It’s not just about fat or calories -- after all, you can choose low-fat versions. Most hot dogs, bratwurst, and other sausages are very high in sodium. Typical nutrition scores include:
Hot dog:  280 calories, 15 g fat, 1,250 mg of sodium
Kielbasa (6-oz): 330 calories, 24 g fat, 1,590 mg sodium

Summer’s Most Fattening Foods

Ahhh, it's summer: barbecues, cocktails at the pool, baseball games, and lots of fried chicken, ribs, potato salad, ice cream, hot dogs, and beer. The living may be easy, but if you don't pay attention, you'll pay for carefree eating by packing on the pounds. In the slides ahead, WebMD shows you a few shocking calorie traps and better choices at a backyard barbecue or beach boardwalk

Leave room for Fruits and Veggies

Make sure you leave room for fruits and vegetables in a high-protein diet. These nutritious gold mines contain powerful antioxidants that aren't found in most other foods, and research suggests that people who eat plenty of fruits and veggies may lower their risk of cancer.

Go Whole Grains, Go Fiber

Most high-protein diets limit grains, so make sure the grains you do eat are pulling their weight. Stay clear of white breads and pastas and choose their whole-grain cousins instead. Whole-grain versions are rich in fiber, which can be lacking in a high-protein diet. High-protein cereal or energy bars can give a quick boost, too. Just make sure they’re not high in sugar or fat.

Low-Fat Dairy

Milk, cheese, and yogurt are not only protein-rich; they also provide calcium for strong bones and a healthy heart. Low-fat, nonfat, or reduced-fat dairy products can help you keep calorie counts down.

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