Healthy lunch bags for school

Soon, your children will be getting back to school. As a mother, one of your jobs is to make sure your kids are eating healthy foods not only to help them maintain a weight in the normal range, but also to be sure they are getting all the vitamins and nutrients their body need in order to achieve the best development and growth. For this reason, we decided to give you smart tips to make your kid’s lunch bag is as healthy as possible!

  • Calcium: During childhood, kids need to consume good amounts of Calcium daily to help their bones grow. When making them sandwiches for breakfast or to be packed for school, let your first choice be cheese. Cheese is rich in Calcium and in protein, and both are essential for an optimal growth.

Another idea is making them have 1 cup of milk daily, and it is easy to incorporate it in their daily diet. Let them have it with breakfast cereals for example, and you could also flavor it with some chocolate powder.

To give them Calcium-rich snacks for school, choose a chocolate milk or a fruitful yogurt.


  • Fruits and vegetables: they provide a lot of vitamins, minerals, fluids and antioxidants that play a major role in good health. Add some veggies to their sandwiches, and when they get home make sure to prepare them a little green salad with their lunch. Give them some carrots, an apple, a banana or even a fresh fruit juice as one of their school snacks, instead of potato chips and candies.


  • Cereals: they help your kids feel full and give them a good amount of energy to survive their exhausting day. Choose brown bread when preparing their sandwiches since it contains a lot of fibers that help in preventing constipation and transit problems.


  • Make your own unique ideas. Why don’t you create some healthy snacks at home? Make your own mix of dried fruits and raw nuts and let your kids get used to eating these nutritious foods.
    Another idea is making some oil-free popcorn. Kids simply love this kind of snacks and the best part is that it’s healthy and low in calories.


  • Do not be fooled by some marketing tools! Yes, sugar-free chocolates do not contain sugar, but they do contain a lot of saturated fat! If they insist on having some candy, let it be in moderation which means not more than 1 candy bar per day, or help them in making healthy choices such as opting for cereal bars or biscuits that are rich in fibers.


  • Water! Always warn them that they need to drink enough water daily even if they don’t feel thirsty. Usually kids are very active and they lose a lot of fluids while sweating. It is very important to replace the fluids they lose while playing or doing sports by drinking a lot of water.



As a last point, let them help you when you make their lunch bag for school, this way they will like the food even better because they participated in preparing it. You can also leave them some cute notes from you inside their bag, but that can only work when they’re still young…remember it’ll bother them later on during their teenage years!

P.S If your child suffers from weight problems, do not hesitate to consult your pediatrician and your nutritionist.


Elie Saadé – Dietitian and owner of Elie Saadé Dietary Clinic

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