Healthy eating tips for maintaining your weight during the Holidays

It’s Christmas time! It’s that time of the year where families meet all together to celebrate this warm and holy occasion. But every year, most people end up by putting on extra kilograms of body weight by the end of the Holidays. Our goal is to help you to maintain your weight during this season. Below are the most important tips to keep in mind:


 Limit your alcohol consumption:

Yes, alcohol can add a little spark to your dinner but never forget that it’s not calorie-free! 1g of alcohol contains 7 Calories. You should try to control how many glasses of wine you drink during diner. The most recent recommendations for alcohol consumption are: maximum 1 glass/day for women and 2 glasses/day for men. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid alcohol.


Limit your consumption of deep-fried foods and starters:

Choose a few of starters and make sure to choose the baked and grilled ones. Stick to the main dish and control the number of times you refill your plate.


Eat regular meals before Christmas dinner:

Some people tend to stop eating all day in order to eat without feeling guilty during Christmas dinner. This idea is very wrong! Depriving yourself all day will make you arrive to dinner time starving and you’ll eat more calories than you would normally consume.


Go easy on the desserts:

There’s no better way than ending your meal with a delicious Christmas dessert. All you have to do is choose your favorite one rather than eating all the available types, and watch out for the portion size you are consuming. Sharing your dessert is always a good idea.


Stay physically active:

Holidays are made for taking a break from work, but not from your daily workout! Stay active as much as you can, that way you’ll burn those extra calories easier.


Elie Saadé – Dietitian and owner of Elie Saadé Dietary Clinic

Stéphanie Nassar – Dietitian at Elie Saadé Dietary Clinic

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