Elie Saadé is a skilled dietitian and he heads the Dietetics department at Cedar Rehab Center in Hammana. He graduated from Université Saint-Joseph (USJ), and completed his nutrition and dietetics training in Hotel Dieu Hospital and Mount Lebanon Hospital. The concept of his diet is to allow the patients to consume all food groups without restriction and without skipping meals, and at the same time leading them to the correct way of weight loss. His goal is to teach the patients how they can on their own maintain a healthy lifestyle on the long term, and to educate them about calorie counting just like a dietitian does.

In addition, Elie is able to take in charge any patient suffering from a particular illness that requires a specific nutritionnal monitoring based on their condition. (Anorexia, Boulimia nervosa, Celiac disease, diabetes, hypertension...)

He can also guide professional and amateur athletes on how to eat according to their physical activity and training, as well as giving them several advice related to their daily workout just like a real personal trainer.

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